Life At Point C

Experiencing Life along the Silk Road

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What is “Life at Point C?”

Have you ever found yourself in an unexpected place in life?

We usually have a pretty good idea where we are, and we often have at least some idea of where we’re headed.  Our present location is a kind of “point A” in our life on the journey to “point B.”  There is a nice, straight line from point A to point B.  Life, however, often has another approach, and while we set off headed to point B, we somehow end up at some third place, “point C.”

For each of the main contributors on this blog, our current location is a kind of “point C,” an unexpected twist in the journey.  Each set off on what we thought was a clear path to point B, but the journey of life has many surprises, and as point B recedes into the background, point C has emerged on the horizon. It is a place in life we never expected to be.

In this blog, we hope to give you glimpses into what life at our point C looks like in a semi-rural part of Kyrgyzstan, the village of Karakol and its environs. We hope you enjoy these little windows into this wonderful corner of the world.